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There is so much information out there – news, opinions, ideas, you name it – but health care leaders just don't have the time to sift through it and figure out what to do. Making sense of it all is how Advisory Board can help. Host and seasoned researcher Rachel Woods talks with industry experts to break down the issues on your mind and offer recommendations on what to do next – each week, in 30 minutes or less.


  • Episode 36: How Marc Harrison sees the health care landscape changing post-Covid-19

    September 8th, 2020  |  29 mins 24 secs
    covid-19, strategy

    The Covid-19 epidemic has already had a seismic effect on health care providers, and the impact is likely to be everlasting. In this episode of Radio Advisory, host Rachel (Rae) Woods interviews Intermountain Healthcare CEO Marc Harrison for part one of a two-part conversation. Hear his perspective on how the Covid-19 epidemic will change the delivery of health care going forward.

  • Episode 35: Zeke Emanuel on the path to a vaccine (and why it's much harder than you think)

    August 24th, 2020  |  37 mins 52 secs

    Host Rachel (Rae) Woods sits down with Ezekiel Emanuel to discuss his comprehensive Covid-19 vaccine plan. In this episode, Rae and Zeke discuss the immense challenge that is vaccine development and distribution and offer some actionable guidance for health care leaders looking to support the path to a Covid-19 vaccine.

  • Episode 34: A message from NYC—"remain vigilant"

    August 4th, 2020  |  30 mins 7 secs

    While the Covid-19 cases have been continuing to rise, some health care leaders have expressed the desire to return to "normal". However, the fight against Covid-19 is far from over. In this episode, Rachel (Rae) Woods talks to the Chief Clinical Officer of Mount Sinai Health System, Dr. Jeremy Boal, about what it was really like to be on the frontlines of a surge market, what leaders can learn from what happened in New York, and why it is so important for health care leaders to continue to remain vigilant.

  • Episode 33: Are mega systems the future?

    July 28th, 2020  |  23 mins 56 secs

    Many have predicted an extreme view of hospital consolidation—and a future where there are only a handful of major health systems in the United States. In this episode, Rachel (Rae) Woods questions how real that prediction is—and explores the impact of Covid-19 hospital consolidation. Alongside health system expert, Ben Umansky, Rae and Ben discuss the short and long-term impact on the industry and offers no-regrets tactics that organizations should take regardless of size.

  • Episode 32: Are independent physicians going extinct? Not so fast.

    July 21st, 2020  |  23 mins 4 secs

    The realities of the pandemic mean that some physician groups will need to explore new partnership opportunities in order to weather the storm. However, it’s increasingly looking like there won’t be a major shakeup in physician ownership. Instead of looking to sell, independent practices are looking to maintain autonomy while exploring new opportunities for partnership. In this episode, Rachel (Rae) Woods sits down with physician practice experts, Sarah Hostetter and Julie Riley, to give an update on physician practice financials, discuss the state of physician aggregation, and offer our perspective on the impact of Covid-19 on physician consolidation.

  • Episode 31: What the price transparency ruling means for providers

    July 14th, 2020  |  22 mins 56 secs
    health policy and the biden-harris administration

    In recent years, there has been a push for more transparency in healthcare around the prices patients pay to receive care. In this episode, Rachel (Rae) Woods sits down with finance expert, Robin Brand, to talk about why hospital leaders are opposed to price transparency, how they can begin to think about price transparency, and a focus on patient financial experience is so important.

  • Episode 30: People are leaving their homes, so why are they still avoiding care?

    July 9th, 2020  |  24 mins 59 secs

    As more consumers venture out of their homes and into their communities, many patients are still avoiding necessary care. In this episode, Rachel (Rae) Woods sits down with consumerism experts Colin Gelbaugh and Rebecca Tyrell to talk about the impact Covid-19 is having on patient behavior and the role of marketing in helping overcome patient fears about seeking care.

  • Episode 29: The volume outlook for 2020

    July 7th, 2020  |  19 mins 14 secs

    The Covid-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on patient volumes as hospitals have had to delay elective surgeries and some have even had to furlough staff. In this episode, Radio Advisory host Rachel (Rae) Woods talks to Anna Yakovenko, who leads best practices research on hospital strategic and operational challenges for the Advisory Board, about what hospitals can expect patient volumes to look like for the rest of 2020.

  • Episode 28: An overdue conversation about Covid-19 and nursing homes

    July 2nd, 2020  |  18 mins 56 secs

    Around 40 to 50% of Covid-19 deaths have come from residents of long-term care facilities, yet post-acute providers have seemingly been overlooked. Radio Advisory host Rachel (Rae) Woods talks to Jared Landis, Advisory Board’s leader of post-acute research, about the impact Covid-19 has had on the post-acute sphere, and what health care leaders need to do for their long-term care providers right now.

  • Episode 27: Supporting transgender patients amid rollback of protections

    June 30th, 2020  |  27 mins 37 secs
    health equity and racism

    In this episode, Rae talks to Dane Menkin, Director of LGBTQ services at Main Line Health, about how diversity, respect, and inclusion are vital to providing care to the entire LGBTQ population. They give practical advice on to get buy-in and support from leadership, share lessons for teaching providers and staff how to provide cultural competent care for transgender patients, and discuss how the moves by HHS and the Supreme Court impact transgender care going forward.

  • Episode 26: Leadership series #5: Embracing vulnerability

    June 25th, 2020  |  20 mins 42 secs

    Most leaders are too scared to be vulnerable, but great leaders know that it is the only way forward. How can you take the first step towards vulnerability? To conclude the leadership series, Craig dials in Alicia Graham, an experienced leader and executive coach.

  • Episode 25: An authentic approach to health equity

    June 23rd, 2020  |  26 mins 10 secs
    health equity and racism

    Frustration about inequity and injustice is putting a spotlight on the impact racism has on health equity. While it’s encouraging to see so many health care leaders publishing statements condemning racism, many are asking, “What should I do next?”. In this episode, Rae tackles how organizations can ramp up their health equity efforts whether they are at beginning their journey or are already an established anchor for their community.