Encore: Revisiting our conversation on building ethical AI systems


May 30th, 2023

37 mins 32 secs

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About this Episode

Episode 138 was originally released on October 25, 2022.

This week, we're bringing you an encore of our episode with Tom Lawry, the former national director for AI at Microsoft about building ethical AI systems. Not only did this episode recently receive accolades from this year's Communicator Awards – including best healthcare and pharma episode and best business episode – but this conversation is just as, if not more relevant as it was when we recorded it in the Fall of 2022.

While we have a lot to learn about these new technologies, it is clear that AI is top of mind for digital health leaders in 2023. However, revelations about equity issues and bias in artificial intelligence are increasingly giving cause for concern. In this encore of Episode 138, Rachel (Rae) Woods invites Microsoft's former Director for Artificial Intelligence Tom Lawry to discuss how bias creeps into AI and how leaders can respond to make intelligent systems more equitable.

Tom Lawry is the author of Hacking Healthcare, which details lessons learned from AI's role during global pandemic and how to apply this knowledge to healthcare’s other big challenges – including inequity.


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