[Rerun] Senior Care (Part 2): The rapid growth of Medicare Advantage


August 29th, 2023

35 mins 21 secs

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About this Episode

This week, we are revisiting episode 2 of our "Senior Care Series" from February 2023. This episode is still very relevant, but we do have some important updates that we’ve included at the beginning.

Medicare Advantage is a public-private hybrid health plan that allows eligible seniors to receive health insurance through a commercial insurer. It has a high satisfaction rate among enrollees and has crested more than fifty percent of all Medicare enrollment this year. In part two of Radio Advisory's senior care series, host Rachel (Rae) Woods provides an update on new policies and regulatory scrutiny that are impacting the program. We also will revisit her conversation with senior care expert Aaron Hill and health plan expert Max Hakanson about why Medicare Advantage is so popular and its impact on industry stakeholders.


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