From the See You Now podcast: Reckoning with Racism (Part 1)


September 5th, 2023

55 mins 38 secs

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About this Episode

This week’s episode comes from one of our favorite healthcare podcasts, See You Now, which shines a light on the real people changing the status quo in health, created in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson and the American Nurses Association.

Racism in America remains pervasive. It’s led to sicker, shorter lives for people of color; a healthcare workforce that hasn’t reflected the communities it cares for; and caused harm to nursing and nurses, particularly nurses of color. Aware of its own role in perpetuating systemic racism, the American Nurses Association (ANA) is on a journey of racial reckoning along with many partners inside and outside of nursing and healthcare. In this two-part episode, we hear from leaders in nursing, media, and life sciences industry about how they are leaning into racial reckoning in their organizations to address and eliminate the harms of racism.

In Part I, Shawna Butler, RN MBA and co-host Lucinda Canty, PhD, CNM, FACNM engage in thoughtful and forthright dialog with Cheryl Peterson, MSN, RN about the ANA's Racial Reckoning Statement; how it led to the creation of the National Commission to Address Racism in Nursing; and the work the ANA has committed to in moving forward to antiracist practices, policies, and nursing profession.


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