Episode 156

Allyship in Action (Part 1): Beyond Leaning In with Melanie Ho

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About this Episode

Melanie Ho has spent many years advising organizations about diversity, equity, and inclusion, and oftentimes uses art and comics to convey difficult topics. In part one of Radio Advisory's _Allyship in Action_ series, Advisory Board digital health expert (and ally) John League talks with Melanie about her approach to having difficult conversations with leaders and teams, "mental auto-completes", and steps to turn allyship intentions into actions.


  • Build diversity, equity, and inclusion among your staff and leaders
  • Melanie's presentations and workshops: https://www.melanieho.com/speaking
  • Read the reviews and buy _Beyond Leaning In_ on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3bht0PO
  • **Beyond Leaning In**: Available wherever you find your podcasts or on Melanie's website
  • Instagram for Melanie's comics: @melanieho13
  • Download the excerpt from Beyond Leaning In that John read on this podcast episode, and view Melanie's comic based on the excerpt: https://www.melanieho.com/the-cupcake-trap

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