Episode 177

Advancing equity in a world of innovation for some, costs for all: Live from the 2023 Clinical Innovation Summit


September 19th, 2023

52 mins 32 secs

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About this Episode

With so many clinical innovations abound, it's easy to get excited about groundbreaking drugs, consumer technologies and even possible cures for rare diseases. However, the industry must recognize its own limitations in order to make these advancements accessible and equitable.

At the end of August, hundreds of healthcare leaders gathered at Advisory Board's Clinical Innovation Summit in Minneapolis to learn about the implications of the transformation of patient care across the industry. The Radio Advisory team orchestrated a live podcast recording with thought leaders across the industry to talk about embedding equity in innovation.

In this special live episode of Radio Advisory, host Rachel (Rae) Woods invites Maia Laing, SVP of Health Equity for UnitedHealth Group, and Michael Mejia, Advisory Board's director of life sciences research, to discuss how leaders can think about deploying, designing, and financing clinical innovations in an equitable way. Throughout the conversation, they discuss how payers and providers – not just life sciences – can rethink their practices to ensure advancements in innovation are shared equitably.


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