Episode 176

Test, fail, and test again: Morgan Health's approach to employer costs


September 12th, 2023

38 mins 54 secs

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About this Episode

With rising costs and tightening margins, the industry is continually looking for ways to "bend the cost curve" while maintaining, or even increasing, quality and performance. One stakeholder in particular, employers, are feeling significant pressures from inflation, hospital consolidation, the rise of high-cost drugs, and more. While many legacy cost-saving strategies have focused on reducing employer costs, it may be time to shift focus to lowering costs for employees as well.

In this episode, host Rachel (Rae) Woods invites Advisory Board payer expert Max Hakanson and Innovation lead at JPMorgan's Morgan Health Rivka Friedman to discuss what employers can do to rein in healthcare costs, both for themselves and their employees. Throughout the discussion, they discuss why legacy cost-sharing strategies may be insufficient, and what new innovations are showing promise in the market.

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