Episode 178

What the industry is (still) getting wrong about value-based care


September 26th, 2023

29 mins 27 secs

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About this Episode

Value-based care has been dominating industry conversations in recent years. Here on Radio Advisory, we talk a lot about best practices, how to make the right investments, and how to best prepare leaders for the future of value-based care. But given all this momentum, we want to spend time asking the question: what are the misconceptions or misaligned expectations that leaders have around value-based care?

In this episode, host Rachel (Rae) Woods invites Advisory Board value-based care expert Daniel Kuzmanovich and Optum Advisory Service's SVP of value-based care, Erik Johnson, to discuss the mindset shifts they think leaders should be making when pursuing a sustainable value-based care strategy. Throughout the conversation they discuss what leaders are currently getting wrong, how myths about value-based care are impacting the industry, and more.


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