Episode 203

Value series: Is the future of VBC in specialty care? Zing Health & Strive Health say yes.

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Last week, in part two of our series on value-based care, we talked about how CenterWell, Humana’s provider arm, turned to senior-focused primary care to grow their value-based strategy. But as the Medicare Advantage market gets larger, older, and sicker, it is becoming clear that a focus on primary care isn’t enough. The fact is, VBC in specialty care is the future.

In part three of our value series, host Rachel (Rae) Woods invites TJ Ackerman, Senior Vice President of Provider and Network Performance at Zing Health, to discuss what good specialty care in Medicare Advantage looks like. We also talk with one of Zing’s provider partners, Will Stokes, Chief Strategy Officer at Strive Health, a leader in value-based kidney care. Together, TJ and Will discuss the importance of payer-provider partners in value-based specialty care.


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