Episode 204

Unveiling "Bespoke Care": Healthcare's tailored future

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High-cost drugs, generative AI, diagnostic testing – the pace and sophistication of healthcare innovation has been keeping our experts busy over the past several years. At some point, they realized there was something deeper going on – a sea change in what healthcare innovation is seeking to achieve, and the world it's pushing us toward.

This week, host Abby Burns invites Advisory Board innovation experts Solomon Banjo and Nick Hula to talk about a new era of innovation, where progress in diagnostics, treatments, data analysis, and ongoing management have the potential to revolutionize patient care through unprecedented customization. They define what "bespoke care" is, explain how it differs from other delivery models, and highlight the opportunities (and challenges) it presents.

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New advances in treatment and diagnostics have the potential to deliver on one of healthcare's greatest unrealized promises: truly personalized, patient-focused care. But how can a system designed to deliver fast, standardized treatment realign itself to offer "bespoke care" to patients at scale? Visit advisory.com/bespoke to learn 4 key challenges standing in the way – and how to overcome them.

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