Episode 205

Live from ViVE 2024: Four leaders on how technology is redefining clinical work

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You might be burned out from talking about burnout. But the truth is, healthcare workers are still suffering from high administrative burden, reduced autonomy, and a cycle of turnover and retirements that we cannot escape. In response, industry leaders are looking to the latest and greatest technologies to unburden their workforce and improve the mental wellbeing of their staff. But will the promise of a tech-enabled clinical workforce live up to the hype?

In this special episode, recorded live from ViVE 2024, host Rachel (Rae) Woods invites Dr. Nele Jessel, Chief Medical Officer at athenahealth, Dr. Jesse Ehrenfeld, President of the American Medical Association, Dr. Syl Trepanier, SVP and System Chief Nursing Officer at Providence, and Dr. Tina Shah, Chief Clinical Officer at Abridge, to discuss the state of the workforce crisis, how new technologies are redefining work, and why emerging technologies like AI might not be a silver bullet.


Truly personalized care is possible. Here's how to make it a reality.

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