Episode 210

How you approach precision medicine matters—for some patients more than others

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It's no secret that healthcare is becoming more and more personalized – or “bespoke” – as increasingly sophisticated diagnostics and therapeutics continue to explode into the market. This vast pipeline is redefining the industry in several ways—but there is real risk associated if the stakeholders responsible for developing, delivering, and paying for these innovations aren’t baking health equity into their business models.

Last week, in the first episode of our run up to the Advisory Board Clinical Innovation Summit: Revolutions in Specialty Care, we discussed Advisory Board’s prediction for the future of oncology. This week, host Rachel (Rae) Woods invites Advisory Board experts Amanda Okaka and Fanta Cherif to break down the health equity conundrum presented by precision medicine: Will precision medicine reduce health disparities, or exacerbate them? The answer depends on the actions—big and small—of industry leaders.


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