Episode 211

Pursuing financial sustainability in cell and gene therapy delivery

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So far in our series on bespoke care and innovation, we’ve delved into the future of cancer care and the opportunities for equity in precision medicine. But we can’t conclude our series without talking about one of the most exciting developments in the field: cell and gene therapies. We’ve talked about these therapies on the pod before—but like everyone else, we’ve primarily focused on the payment side of the equation and looked at how purchasers and pharma can work together to ensure patient access. These conversations miss the voice of a key stakeholder: providers.

What is the role of the provider organizations in realizing the value of cell and gene therapies? To answer that question, in the final episode of our series leading up to Advisory Board’s Clinical Innovation Summit: Revolutions in Specialty Care, host Rachel (Rae) Woods invites Advisory Board pharmacy experts Gina Lohr and Chloe Bakst to unpack how providers are grappling with how to get these life-changing treatments to those that need them.


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